Wicked Kitchen Sourdough Pizza

I promise you, I have eaten other things than pizza this week! Despite how it may look…

Now I love a good pizza, but buying take away pizza every week can get quite expensive…especially when it costs nearly £25 just for two pizzas to be delivered to your door. So I have been trying a few store bought to save myself a bit of money and still enjoy my weekly pizza.


The Wicked range is available at my local Tesco and this is the only pizza available to me within that range. I have tried some of their other sandwiches before (all of which are pretty good) so thought I’d give these a go. This one is a basic margarita pizza, with sundried tomatoes and a vegan pesto dressing to go over top.

I have found this to be rather hit and miss. Sometimes, the pesto is really overpowering or super bland. Sometimes the sundried tomatoes are again, super bitter and overpowering, or they are quite sweet and moreish. The crust itself is pretty doughy – which personally I prefer – so while the pizza is technically smaller than others, it definitely leaves me happily full. The cheese also tastes like dairy cheese and while it doesn’t melt as one would hope, it is nice and creamy and pizza-worthy.

Compared to the others on the market, this is one of my favourites. Yes it is quite pricey by comparison (currently £3, while many of the other make your own pizzas are £2 or less), but if I’m going to treat myself to takeaway, I’d rather splurge a little bit on a decent pizza rather than skimp out and risk disappointment.

Overall: 7/10. Not as good as a standard take-away pizza, but it is a very nice cheaper alternative.

T xxx


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