Bella Italia BBQ Pizza

I must admit, I have not been to Bella Italia in quite a long time, so was pleasantly surprised to see that they have released a vegan menu complete with starters and desserts.

Now I am a pretty simple person when it comes to pizza – margarita all the way – but because this was a new menu I thought I’d branch out a bit. Introducing the BBQ pizza with Oopmh! meat pieces.


It was….it was something. Ok so I have never been a massive fan of BBQ, mainly because I never liked the meat that always came covered in BBQ sauce. But as this was new and I am a grown adult, I decided to try something new.

The ‘meat’ pieces were actually really nice. I believe they were meant to be like chicken strips and were very yummy. They also had the meaty texture, so if you like that sort of thing then I know you can buy these separately in Tesco.

The BBQ sauce however was….something. It was both parts super sweet and super spicy. I am a bit of a pansy when it comes to spice, so after a few mouthfuls the spice was quite powerful. The sweetness was also really overpowering, to the point where all I could really taste was spicy sweetness. It was….it was something. If you like BBQ flavouring then this would be great, but I personally was not that big a fan.

Overall: 4/10. Not my cup of tea. I really don’t know why BBQ sauce exists….

T xxx

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