Tesco Churros

I love finding foods that are accidentally vegan, i.e they are not made to be vegan friendly, but they turn out to contain no animal products of any sort. There are a few options available in the Tesco party food freezer section, but these churros are definitely the best of them.


One pack contains 12 or 13 (so far, out of the 7 times we have had these, 6 of them had 13 churros instead of 12) so are fairly cost effective if you want to serve a few people. Me, being the tubster that I am, simply split these with my partner and we have 6 each….we take it in turns as to who gets the extra one. Because we have a relationship based on fairness and sugary foods.


Warning: When you take these out of the oven, let them sit for about five minutes because the chocolate centre is molten lava. I have burned my mouth too many times because I am impatient. The packet also comes with a little sachet of sugar to sprinkle over them, but even I have to admit that it seems like an excessive amount of sugar for relatively small churros. I always end up having a little puddle of sugar at the bottom on the bowl once I’ve finished.

That being said, they are very yummy. They are exactly what you would expect from party food….so…there is that.

Overall: 7/10. These are a really good little dessert, but they are essentially party food. Not the worst, but also not the best.

T xxx

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