Ikea’s hot dogs

Is there anything IKEA cannot do??!!


You can buy a vegan hot dog at IKEA: For my local store it is at a little kiosk right behind the end checkouts, so once you have spent many an hour buying tons of house furniture, you can grab a hot dog to replenish your energy levels.  There is also a small convenience store with all of the food that is available, where you can buy a ten pack of the hot dogs for about £3. Bargain!!


These hot dogs do not try to be a meat substitute. They do not taste at all like meat, because they are literally a ton of blended together vegetables shaped to look like a hot dog. They are amazing though! They are just enough to be filling, but are also light enough that you don’t feel like a huge greasy mess at the end of it.


This is how I style them out: Home made chips, freshly baked baguette, two of the hot dogs, some ketchup and some vegan cheese on top. HEAVENLY. Especially for those days when you just want something comforting and somewhat bad for you, without it actually being really bad for you.

Overall: 9/10. These are a super yummy comfort food. Only issue is how far I have to travel to get some.

T xxx

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