Pret’s chocolate and almond cookie

One of the biggest assumptions of veganism is that all baked goods are now off limits, and to be fair for a large part of my journey they were. Unless I did some (failed) baking myself, cookies and cakes were just a no-go. It was something that I had learned to live with, and one of the biggest sacrifices of my journey seeing as how I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man.

Then along came Pret. The saviour of vegans everywhere.

IMG_20200129_131517There is only one photo, because I have no self control and inhaled this cookie within seconds of this photo being taken.

This cookie is definitely sweet. Mine was slightly cold, as it was sometime after lunch so I had just missed a batch of freshly cooked ones. The cookie was therefore a bit more stodgy, and was less gooey than it is when it is warm. Personally, I have no preference as both are amazing.

Now because Pret is technically a cafe, while the food is cooked on site (or so online sources lead me to believe) the quality of the cookie changes over the day. When they are first put out they are gooey, and melty, and mooreish. But as the day goes on and they have more time sitting around on display, they harden up a bit and become a bit more biscuit-y in texture. They have a bit more crunch to them and can, if you are so inclined, be dunked into a hot beverage without risk of falling apart. It also means that the cookie is less of a messy meal as all of the chocolate and almond butter has hardened up and is no longer a melted mess that will end up all around your mouth and fingers no matter how hard you try. trust me….I learned the hard way.

Overall: 8/10. These cookies are very good, warm or cold, but the sugar shock in one cookie is enough to keep me going for a few days.

T xxx

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