Linda McCartney’s pulled pork burgers

When I first went vegan, so many people became highly concerned about the fact that I would be missing out on burgers. Because you can’t have a burger without meat.

As usual, Linda McCartney to the rescue!


These pulled pork burgers are honestly something else. I tried this one plain to begin with, so that I could see what the burger was like as just a box-standard plain burger. When I first bit into it, I was immediately put off because it tasted so realistic. It has that wonderful smokey, BBQ flavour that you expect from a burger, but thankfully the texture was just enough plant/soya-type that I could tell it wasn’t real meat. It’s juicy and filling and honestly it touches a part of my soul.


I had this burger with a nice crusty roll and some home made chips, and it was that wonderful, hearty, family-style meal that burgers should be. I have never really enjoyed the taste of meat, so I’ll admit that these burgers were a bit of a shock to me and took a few bites before I finally got used to the meaty-but-not-meat taste and texture of them. Now they are a staple part of my diet…if I ever need some serious comfort food that fills me up but doesn’t completely drown me in grease and fat, this is what I go to. If you are a meat eater and are looking to try a plant based alternative, or just want to slowly cut down on your meat consumption, I would definitely recommend these.

Overall: 10/10. I will never say no to one of these, and these are consistently delicious. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up…I would put up more thumbs if I had extra to spare.

T xxx

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