Superdrug’s de-stressing mud mask

Following on from my little spa pamper day, I thought I should test some more beauty supplies that help me relax and are also good for my skin. Superdrug’s own brand products are all vegan friendly and all cruelty free – anything that has the little Superdrug silver star in the corner is their own brand. Superdrug are also very good though at stating explicitly whether a product is suitable for vegans, so if you have any doubts check the back of the product and it will state in plain english ‘Suitable for vegans/vegetarians/both’.


The de-stressing mud mask was exactly what is says on the tin. The pack had way more product than I had expected, so I ended up having a pretty generous layer of the product on my face:


Excuse my super frizzy hair and uneven application…I just squeezed the product onto my hands and applied it that way. It was definitely greener than I was expecting, probably because you expect to mud to be…well…mud coloured.

It was quite messy, but that may just be because I am not a beauty guru and do not know how to efficiently apply nor remove heavy products from my face. It did leave my skin super soft though, and it also made it a lot more hydrated. It’s getting very cold here in England so my skin was in desperate need for some intense moisturising.

Only downside was that it didn’t have that….spa smell to it all. It isn’t overly fragranced (which is probably good because it is going on your sensitive face skin) but it does have that slight smell of product. Make of that what you will. I didn’t mind too much, seeing as how the product is 99p from a high street store, so I’m not exactly expecting high end experience. But I really liked this face mask. Superdrug also have quite a large range of face masks….so watch this space as I slowly make my way through them all!

Overall: 8/10. It was really good for my skin, and it’s hard to go wrong when the product is so affordable.

T xxx





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