Wafflemeister’s chocolate, banana and strawberry waffle

It has been so long since I had a waffle, I had almost forgotten how amazing they could be…and how much I love them.


These were so good! And they were also a complete surprise…I just happened to walking around Harrow with my partner when he noticed the big ‘we have vegan waffles’ sign hanging in the window. I was ashamed that I had not noticed such a miracle sooner.

I only managed to take one picture, because in all seriousness I lost all self restraint and ate them as soon as I was allowed to. My only criticism of these were the contrasting temperatures: The waffles were piping hot, while the strawberries and bananas were ice cold. It meant that the chocolate sauce that was drizzled over it was either super messy or rock hard, and when you took a bite of all of it together, the overall temperature was just….tepid. Personally, I would have loved the dish more if it was all super hot, with loads of melted chocolate all over it, and maybe some more berries? But now I’m just being greedy…

That being said, it was delicious! It is also one of the more affordable sweet treats on offer in my surrounding area. Unfortunately the nearest Wafflemeister shop to me is about a 20 minute train ride…although I’m sure my waist line will thank me for not having one of these every day.

Overall: 7/10. A lovely sweet treat, but personally I would have loved it more if the entire dish was piping hot…melty chocolate sauce will always win my heart.

T xxx

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