Lush’s Comfort bath bomb

Who doesn’t love a pampering spa day?!

Unfortunately, these spa days can be really expensive so if I am in need of some downtime, with some pampering and some relaxing, I go to Lush. Almost all of Lush’s products are vegan friendly and as a company they campaign against animal testing. I grab myself a bath bomb, run myself a bath hotter than the fires of Mount Doom, and read a book while I soak away. With the weather in England having recently taken a seriously chilly turn, a pamper night was much needed.


I opted for the Comfort bomb this time round. Bright pink, it consists of blackcurrant aroma, bergamot oil and cypress oil. It smelt like a fruit cocktail and make my lava-like bath water bright pink. It fizzed like a dream with lots of very satisfying bubbles and pink streams, making the bath look even more like a massive cocktail glass.


Afterwards, once the bathwater had become a more tepid boiling temperature, I got out. My skin did feel a lot smoother and softer, but I cannot say if this was purely because of the bath bomb or just because I’d been soaking in water for about 30 minutes.

Overall: 8/10. Aesthetically, a very satisfying bath bomb to just watch dissolve in the bath tub and did turn my bath into a lovely pink cocktail. Whether it actually did much for my skin, I cannot say. I should probably go get another one….

T xx

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