Taylor Tries the Gregg’s Vegan Sausage Roll

The dish that started it all. The one pastry that was supposedly responsible to every Gregg’s employee getting a tidy little Christmas bonus due to it’s resounding success and popularity during 2019. Such success was greatly deserved, as these little pastry wrapped Quorn sausages are just the right thing.


Not only are they super cheap, they are also the perfect balance of greasy fast food and healthy on the go snack. They can also be enjoyed hot or cold, and in all honesty they taste no different. Make of that what you will, but as an easy to please vegan junk food junkie, these are amazing.


Obviously, any food is going to be bad for you if you do not also eat a balanced diet. But as someone who does her best to eat relatively healthy the majority of the time (despite what this blog may suggest!) these little sausage rolls on the weekend are a little help in maintaining my sanity. So much so that I can eat two of them, without feeling like a super greasy mess afterwards, as can sometimes happen with other fast food alternatives.

Overall: 10/10. Perfection. Bury me with these. I may even name my first born after Gregg’s. 

T xxx

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