Plant Kitchen Salted Caramel Truffles

Another new addition for Veganuary comes in the form of Marks and Spencer’s Plant Kitchen range. It involves a whole new range of plant based food, including these little droplets of joy – The Salted Caramel chocolate truffles.

IMG_20200118_183922 (1)

I am not usually the biggest fan of salted caramel, as all I tend to taste is the salt. But these were so good! They do not have any overpowering salty taste, but are also not sickly sweet with the caramel. The only downside is that the truffle is a hard shell of chocolate, which gave me a slight shock when I bit into it. The outside is also covered in cocoa powder, so be prepared for some degree of a slight mess on your fingers. But other than that, they were very tasty and very moreish. Each one gives a nice little sugary chocolate buzz and a packet contains enough to last you a fair few servings.

IMG_20200118_183938 (1)

Overall: 7/10. A really good addition to the vegan food movement, and a nice way to treat yourself.

T xxx

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