Taylor Tries Almond Magnums

Magnums speak for themselves. They are known for being the best ice creams around, and I can’t even deny that. So finally, us vegans got to enjoy magnums all over again with their vegan range of ice creams.


They also do a standard vanilla ice cream with just plain chocolate on the outside, which are also very good and taste identical to the Magnums I remember having before my vegan journey. But the almonds add it a really nice extra crunch and a little bit of extra flavour to it.


These are SO GOOD. Magnums do speak for themselves and they have not disappointed. Unfortunately, they are still somewhat expensive, at £3.90 for a pack of 3, while the regular dairy magnums are £3.20 for a pack of 4. But this is a step in the right direction, and with the popularity of vegan options increasing everyday, hopefully over 2020 the price difference will equal out a bit more.

One ice cream also gives me a really good sugary ice cream fix for quite a while, so having a pack of three will realistically last me at least a week – maybe two if I show some degree of restraint.

Overall: 9/10. Price aside, they are my favourite ice creams. If you want a little treat after dinner these are a must.

T xxx

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