Taylor Tries the Gregg’s vegan glazed donuts

Oh Lordy….

My time has come. I have finally lived long enough to see vegan glazed donuts.


Hyperbole aside, when I first went vegan (some 4 long years ago) one of the main ‘downsides’ of the vegan movement was that there was no real alternatives for cakes or pastries. Truth be told, I am not a massive donut fan, however the threat of not ever having one again made me crave them more than I knew possible. It was a real issue.

But yet again, Gregg’s come to the rescue! These donuts (which I bought as a pack of 2 for £1.20!!) are so good and I could happily eat these forever. They taste great, are super cheap and also give you a much needed sugar kick. Then again, that being said, after two (do not judge me) I definitely felt like I had mainlined caffeine direct to my heart. My New Years diet and blood sugar levels do not thank me…or Greggs.


Overall: a solid 8/10. So good, yet so unhealthy. Which just makes them even more lovely….

T xxx

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