Taylor Tries Ikea’s soft serve ice cream

Since becoming a home owner, IKEA has become my sanctuary….honestly I could spend an entire day there just looking at all of the neat stuff that they have and how I can fit it all into my little one bedroom apartment. So the fact that they now do vegan ice cream was just even more reason for me to never leave the place!


It was not bad either. Since it only cost 50p I wasn’t expecting it to blow my mind. But it was pretty good. It is more of a sorbet than an actual soft serve, but it was still pretty tasty and the strawberry flavouring was refreshing. Also, for 50p it is an affordable little treat and a nice kick of sugar after you (like me no doubt) have just spent 5 hours wandering around IKEA like you have found Utopia. Also, only being sold in IKEA means it’s not easily accessible, unless you happen to live right next door to one.

Overall: 7/10 – a decent little treat that’s super affordable, but if you want exceptional ice cream, this is not it. 

T xxx

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