Taylor Tries to sell a couch…

When we moved into our new place, the previous owner had offered to leave her couch at the property for us. She was just going to bin it, and as we didn’t want to have to buy a new one, we agreed. It was a lovely sofa: A huge corner sofa that could sit about 6 people on it – 8 if you really squeezed up. But after 6 months we realised that this sofa, as lovely as it was, was just way too big for the two of us. We didn’t have people over enough to justify having such a huge sofa, and it also took up so much of our living room that we were using up unnecessary space. So we decided to sell it locally on Facebook Marketplace.

A young college student saw the post and said that they could pick it up on any day of the week, so long as it was after 6. We said fine and arranged a date.

So she turns up with a van (good start) and a few friends to help her move it all (even better). We moved the sofa as much outside as we could. Now our flat is a ground floor apartment within a mews type development, so there is a fairly long driveway to walk down to the gated entrance way.

The sofa came in two big halves, with about 6 pillows. We got the first half out, no problem, and loaded that into the back of the van.

“We will go grab the last bit and bring it out to you.” Henry says to the young man who had been helping load the van.

“That’s great, thanks!” He responded happily and so off we went back to the flat to grab the last bit.

Now for background, I am five foot nothing with noodle arms. I can lift more than you would expect, granted, but all the same half a sofa that weighs more than I do and is almost twice my size is not ideal. So Henry and I manage to get this out of the flat ourselves and we are walking it down the driveway towards the van when we see the doors of the van closing and the engine starting. No biggie, the road outside is quite narrow so they were probably just moving closer to the gate so that someone could drive past.

So they drive forward a little bit…and then turn onto the main road and start driving off down the road.

“Did they just?” Henry asks, trying to crane his neck around to see where they had headed.

“Yup.” I say, my arms slowly starting to sag under the weight of the awkwardly shaped sofa end that I am attempting to hold up.

“So…wait what?!” Henry laughs to himself. As he does, a few drops of rain begin to fall on us. Here we are, two grown up adults, standing in the dark in our pjs, holding half a sofa as it starts to rain. Like a terrible sitcom.

We shuffle the sofa over the side of the gate, out of the rain as much as possible, while Henry messages the girl to come back and get the rest of her sofa. She texted back after twenty minutes, while both we and the sofa are now pretty cold from being sat outside in the middle of winter, and said she would be 20 minutes. By this point, the cold was inside our bones, so we moved the sofa as far out of the way as possible and headed back to our flat.

We got inside, shoved our super thick winter jumpers on, and sat down on our sofa. Which is naturally when our bell rang and the girl had now turned up to collect the remaining part of the sofa.

So moral of the story? Well there is no moral…It is really just a little snippet into exactly what it is like when I try to do even the simplest of things. I would love to say that I was making this up, but this was a very real event that really happened to me. Because of course it did!

Maybe next time it’ll just be simple.

T xxx

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