Welcome to my blog!

My name is Taylor. I was born and bred in England and have lived just outside of London for pretty much my entire life. I went vegetarian 11 years ago, but have been fully vegan for over 4 years now. When I first went vegetarian it was really quite hard to find anything suitable, let along vegan, and even four years ago when I made the full transition the challenge was even worse. But lately veganism has shot into mainstream society (which is just amazing!) so the options are currently endless.

I have always loved animals, and my main goal in life is to save as many animals as I can, be that through my diet and life style, or by taking in as many as I can. So far I currently live with my partner, our two gerbils Merry and Pippin and our two bunnies Lola and Sasha. Together we make the perfect little family unit, and I am so excited to see my fur babies grow and learn and continue to run circles around me and my partner. Hopefully in the years to come I will find even more little beans to add to this little Ark.

Apart from animals, the only other calling in life was writing. I’ve always been a writer. For as long as I can remember I have been writing stories and I am currently working onĀ FINALLY finishing off of one my 4 draft novels. It occurred to me one evening though that they always say you should write what you know, and despite my best efforts I am in whole a rather unlucky person: If something can go wrong, you had best believe that it will happen to me. So I thought, why not start writing about those events? Let people hear about the silly situations I seem to get myself into, the unlucky events of my life and the general day to day happenings that seem almost too silly to be true. Why write my own fiction when my real life is just as entertaining?!

As far as I am concerned, no one will ever read this. I will be buried somewhere in the deep web under far more talented writers and far more exciting personalities and topics. But if you are here, hello and welcome, and I hope I can share with you a little bit of trivia for the day, as I try to get my head around learning something new.

Much love,

Taylor xxx